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Scimech Clamp plus Arm and Bracket Assembly - HD Design

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This is the new and improved Scimech clamp for setting the angle on shears. Creates a true convex. For use with the Scimech arm.

  • All USA Made
  • Aluminum polished material
  • Digitally calculated angle gauge
  • Marked angle guage
  • Dial Dentant to allow for convexing and adjustable key for spacing
  • Enlarged blade opening for left, right, large and small blades
  • Adjustable blade stop now lower to make sharpening without removing the screw easier

You will also get the new style arm and bracket which can be an upgrade to the old machine. The new style arm has a flat upper arm which is longer than the old style making it easier to sharpen longer shears. It is also milled flat for checking the alignment.

Installation is somewhat complicated and the machine must be taken apart to install correctly. This is the link for instructions:

This set includes the clamp,  3 pieces of the arm plus the bracket and bearing discs.  

A discounted price is for Scimech owners. Be ready to provide your serial number for a promo code.