Kasho KIT-Bronze

Kasho Salesmen Kits

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These sample packages are NOT Out of Stock. You must order them by phone or email to ascertain you are eligible to be a Kasho distributor. Please contact us for special pricing for select shear sharpeners and distributors who intend to sell Kasho to stylists in the USA. Please login with your password to see your pricing.

Bronze Kit: KDM 55 OS, KDM 30T OS, KBP 60 OS, KCB 55 OS, KCR 55 OS

Silver Kit: KSI 70 OS, KSG 60 OS, KGR T55 30, KGR 70 OS

Gold Kit: KXP 60 OS, KML 60 OS, KAD 65 OS

Ultimate is all the kits. The Slidecut Shear is an extra sample not in a kit and can be purchased alone.

All these kits can only be purchased once per year. They can be marketed on your own website but not on 3rd party websites like Ebay or Amazon. They are to be sold in the USA only. All shears in these kits are new.