Kasho KSI Silver Series


In your hands, the KASHO Silver series outshines the competition. Not only because of its mirror-polished finish, but also because of its premium, forged Japanese stainless steel blades. This steel is known as ATS-314, which may not sound exciting, but it actually is. This high-performance steel enables Silver shears to be extremely hard so they can be sharpened to a razor edge that stays sharper longer. Which is exactly what you want in your go-to hair shears.

Silver’s handles are in a very offset position, sometimes known as “crane” handles. This style puts your hand, wrist, and shoulder in the most ergonomic, comfortable position. Cut and style for hours with less strain. If you’re in this industry for the long run, you’ll want at least one pair of this type of offset-handled shears. As an option, choose DLC coating for additional wear resistance and reduced friction.

Designed for right-handed use, offset or straight handles.

  • Offset (crane): 5.5”, 6.0”, 6.5”, 7.0”
  • Straight: 5.5”, 6.0”
  • Offset (crane), DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coating:  6.0”

Your Styles Shine with Silver

  • Premium steel makes a dramatic difference—if you’ve never cut with scissors made from this kind of steel, prepare to be amazed; it’s an incredible steel for hair shears. In addition to the basic components of steel, ATS-314 contains high levels of cobalt, titanium, and vanadium, all of which makes this steel perform like nothing else; your blades stay sharper longer so you sharpen less and cut more
  • The Ultimate Edge for precision cutting—Silver’s fully convex/hollow-ground blades provide for THE sharpest cutting edge of any shear style
  • Choose your perfect handle position—choose Silver’s classic straight handles or ergonomic offset handles; you’ll always have the right shear for every task
  • A little care goes a long way —regular cleaning and oiling keep your shears performing beautifully, but Silver’s mirror polish gives your shears an extra measure of protection
  • Add hardness, wear resistance, and reduce friction—with Silver’s optional DLC (Diamond-Like-Carbon) coating; like natural diamond, it adds even more hardness and helps your shears perform even more smoothly and effortlessly
  • Perfect tension, easy to adjust when needed—KASHO’s flat ratchet-screw tension system makes it easy to adjust the tension of your shears when needed and won’t get in the way of combing; includes tension key for easy adjusting
  • Your tang, your choice—Silver’s tang is easily removeable when you don’t want it and easy to reinstall when you do
  • Get a lifetime of service—every pair of Silver shears are backed by our Lifetime Warranty,