Kasho KAD Damascus Series

  • For the pinnacle of beauty and performance, choose our exciting Damascus series hair shears. KASHO’s Damascus is formed by layering different types of metal alloys together, then forging them into a single piece. The cutting core of the shears—the part that cuts hair—is premium VG-10W stainless steel for top performance and an incredibly long-lasting edge.

    The beautiful, rippling patterns on the shears are created by 8 micro layers of Damascus steel on the outside of each blade. In Japan, this style of blademaking is known as kasumi, which means “mist,” because the exterior Damascus has a lovely, misty appearance.

    These striking shears are handcrafted in Japan by our master artisans. The samurai sword-style/hollow-ground blades are precision sharpened by hand and the hair scissors are polished to bring out the Damascus patterning. Shear tension is perfected with an integrated ball-bearing system that ensures smooth operation. As a final, sophisticated touch, the Damascus series features a ceramic inlay of the KASHO logo on the tension screw.

  • Choose These Top-of-the-Line Shears & Level Up Your Artistry

    • Premium cutting core + Damascus for beauty + performance—KASHO Damascus shears feature 8 micro layers of Damascus steel on the outside of each shear blade, resulting in the gorgeous rippling patterns; the cutting core of VG-10W stainless steel ensures a precise, sharp edge that lasts a long, long time
    • The Ultimate Edge for precision cutting—with its unique “samurai sword” blade (sword/hollow ground upper blade; convex/hollow ground lower), the Damascus series provides the precise, powerful cutting performance to handle your most creative cut
    • Reduced tension on hands, wrists, shoulders—the Damascus series’ ergonomic offset handles enable a cutting position that easier on your body
    • Extra protection—regular cleaning and oiling keep your shears performing beautifully, but the Damascus series’ polish gives your shears an extra measure of protection, too
    • Get perfect tension; no need to oil—KASHO’s flat-screw tension system with integrated ball-bearings ensures extra-smooth operation; no need to oil, but should you wish to adjust tension, every Damascus shear includes a key tool that makes it easy
    • Removeable tang—just unscrew when you don’t want it; easy to reinstall when you do
    • Buy with confidence—all Damascus shears are backed by our Lifetime Warranty,

Drop shipped from Arizona. Allow extra time for delivery.  100% Japanese!