On Line Sharpening Training Class


Get 3 hours of digital on-line personal training. Stay at home and learn how to sharpen shears or clipper blades from award winning shear expert and teacher Bonnie Megowan. You will be amazed at how quick and easy it is to learn this lucrative and rewarding skill. We will contact you about the best time for our training. 

Scissor sharpening training is available on any flat hone type sharpening equipment, although the Scimech Scissor FlatHone is our specialty. The scissor sharpening training school instruction will be customized to your learning style, skill level, experience and concerns. 

Blade sharpening will require you to have a clipper hone and basic tools as well as practice blades. 

The training will include links to videos to watch and a training manual before we have our first session. The first 15 minutes is free with 3 one hour sessions. 

Choose how many sessions of training you need. Select from: 

  1. Operation and care of the Scimech Scissors Flat Hone
  2. Basic shear knowledge and terminology
  3. How to determine the correct angle
  4. Convex sharpening and bevel edge sharpening
  5. Repair of bumpers and scissor mechanics
  6. Set and alignment
  7. How to sharpen specialty shears, thinners, knives, nippers and more
  8. Marketing tips and suggestions FREE
  9. Introduction to blade sharpening
  10. Charging the plate for blade sharpening
  11. Basic blade sharpening and blade set and adjustment

When you order this sharpening class,we will send you some Youtube video links to watch first depending on the instruction choice. Those getting more than 3 hours will also get the training manual. 

FREE peek preview. Ask for a 15 minute FREE chat about sharpening to see if this is a fit for you.

Format is Google Meet or other forms as needed. 

Note: If you begin with on-line learning and switch to a private class, the amount you spend will be credited toward the class.

We will be in touch with you to schedule your time. 


Review: I bought the Scimech machine and I learned totally on line from Bonnie. My customers tell me that they have neve had their shears sharpened better. Brian