To Bend or Not to Bend Video Link

Casper Kiser began learning the craft of shear sharpening with the Arius Eickert facility at age 16. He has bent a half million shears in his career and knows from experience from which he speaks. Learn about how to set the alignment or correct the set of a shear by bending instead of hammering. Learn when to bend a shear and why you should bend and how to bend. Also, more importantly learn when not to bend. If you need to learn more about shear and scissor alignment or how to put set back into a shear or how to take set out, this DVD will set you on the right course. Aligning the curvature of scissors is scary and dangerous, but Casper will help you through your fear. Filmed on location in front of a group of sharpeners from 4 countries at the Sharpeners Jam in Atlanta, GA.  This DVD covers many aspects of setting shear and scissor alignment by bending rather than hammering. However it does not show the actual process of setting the alignment. This process is best taught in a hands-on class. Total 70 minutes