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convex plate

Convexing Cushioned Plate

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This 3 piece set fits the Scimech Scissor Flathone and most 6" style flathones with a 3/8" center hole. . The convexing cushioned plate is for sharpening Japanese style convex, hamurguri or clam-shell type edges on shears. The device for sharpening convex edge shears that attaches to the flathone comes as three separate pieces that you assemble then trim the excess off with a razor blade.

The pieces include:

  • a 6" laser cut plate with a 3/8" center hole ... this is the bottom section
  • Foam cushion with a PSA backing
  • a hook-it conversion with a PSA back that sticks to the cushion (the micron film will attach to this- does not include this film)