Mail-Order Clipper Blade Sharpening with Shipping


 Mail-Order Blade Sharpening. 

Trust Bonika Shears with your blades - we'll send a prepaid box for sharpening and free return shipping!

 What we sharpen:  We sharpen standard clipper blades for Stylists, Barbers and Groomers. Sharpening Wahl blades, Andis blades, Oster blades, Buttercut blades and Aesculap blades plus 5 n 1 Wahl blades and Oster and Andis trimmer blades. We do not sharpen Babyliss. The blades must be detached from the clipper and only the blades sent in the mail. Check blades for broken teeth and defects - refund available for unsafe blades. No refund for shipping.

How do we sharpen?

Sharpening completed in 24 hours (not including shipping time). Nebraska Blade Hone used.

We are members of the International Scissor Sharpeners Association (ISSA) which holds us to the highest ethical standards. We have been involved with sharpening training and our staff has a collective over 60 years experience in sharpening. We are certified for clipper blade sharpening with the National Beauty Tool Sharpeners Guild. 

(If you want in-salon sharpening anywhere in the world check here to see if there is a recommended sharpener in your area. 

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