Franco Magnotta - FL


Franco Magnotta has had a passion for cutting hair and beauty industry more than half of his a life.  He has been cutting hair ever since he was fifteen when he first picked up a set of clippers. He has been licensed for more than seven years. In that short amount of time he has mastered a wide range of hair techniques including color, long hair cutting, and up-dos.  However his specialty and passion is still barbering.

He has learned and perfected his skills starting off by assisting Jesse and Flo Briggs at the yellow strawberry global hair salon.   He has studied with some of the most respected professionals in the beauty industry, including Martin Parsons, Goldwell, Redken and Bumble and Bumble. 

The passion for classic barbering and it has never left him ever since he pick up the first set of clippers at such a young age. He enjoys sharing his knowledge to others to further their artistic techniques in the art of barbering.