E.Hosea Hicks - GA

Stylist, educator, columnist, research assistant,motivational speaker all of these occupations are a part of the tapestry the weave together E. Hosea Hicks. A student of the industry, as Hosea has been described is passionate about the growth of the salon professional. His creative approaches have attracted salon professionals, media outlets, chemist and manufacturers. Hosea possesses the unique ability to translate the beauty industry from a global outlook and educate individuals on how to make the concepts flow in real time. With close to a quarter of a century as a stylist E.Hosea still feels there is still more to learn, share and celebrate about the greatest profession on earth. He developed The Airrogance Agency a boutique agency to repurpose and reactivate stylist, barbers and brands to increase their effectiveness by equipping them with the tools needed "to maintain a stylish outlook". He founded Hair Alive University an in salon and online university exclusively for stylist to continue to develop their salon training. Constantly seeking that common thread that makes each individual who practices the craft connected makes this industry function, somewhere in the midst of that weft you will find E.Hosea Hicks. Hosea enjoys innovative new tools and shears.