Becoming a Bonika Stylist Educator

Bonika Shears has been proud to offer top hair cutting education even though we are a small company with a small budget. We are extremely grateful to those educators who have worked with us over the years. If you would like to be listed here with links to your educational offerings, there is no charge. Please contact us about what information we need. 

At the hair shows and other events we use selected educators to represent Bonika. While we are not able to provide travel, hotels or other remunerations to our educators, we do share in the profits of shears sold as a direct result of the class which usually is 15% and sometimes more if the educator is also working at the booth and actively selling shears at other times of the show.

Qualifications for our artists is number one they must already be loving and using Bonika Shears. They must have a true desire to share their knowledge, not just show off their ability. We particularly look for educators who have the following:

  • A non competing product to sell or DVD (something to earn them extra income while working with us)
  • Location and proximity to the show so your expenses will be less
  • Social media following¬†

Experience and name recognition is not a qualification necessarily. We pride ourselves that we were the vehicle to launch many a stellar career. Some work with Bonika to create a platform to launch careers, others work with us because the genuinely love our company and we are so grateful to both of these groups of educators.