Bonika Shears


SHEAR Knowledge Video Link

Lecture on shears for cosmetology schools and stylists.

How do you know a pair of shears is right for you? How do you care for your shears?

Gene and Bonnie Megowan cover what you need to know as a stylist, an educator or a shear sharpener. This is a must have video for anyone who uses beauty shears. Bonnie and Gene have a combined knowledge of over 40 years in knowing and understanding shears. 58 minutes.

This is two videos in one! S.H.E.A.R. Knowledge - how to select the right shear. Using the word Shear, each letter stands for the important features that should be included in your shear purchasing decision.

Second video is SPA TREATMENT for SHEARS. Learn what the letters in the word SPA mean to you and the care of your shears. 

This scissor video shows how to care for and purchase scissors. This is a teaching lecture given at beauty schools throughout the USA. It is also the basis for the scissor education in one of the leading cosmetology school textbooks. If you would like this class taught in your school by the Bonika Shears team, please email or call us for scheduling.