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Pyramid UFO Screwdriver

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This isn't your average screwdriver. The Pyramid UFO Screwdriver is a sleek, space-age marvel that looks like it beamed down from a distant galaxy. But the UFO Pyramid Tool is so much more than just stylish. Roll the dial to effortlessly select the perfect size setting for any beauty or barber shear screw. 

And here's the real innovation: the pyramid base! For shears with those pesky two-part screws, the UFO tool cradles one side while you confidently adjust the other with a screwdriver. 

Sharpeners swear by the UFO Pyramid Tool. It makes their job faster, easier, and keeps you looking sharp! The UFO Pyramid Tool. It's more than just a tool, it's a sign of a new era UFO screw adjustments.

Take the con with the UFO Pyramid Tool!

Proudly made in the USA.