What is Your Cutting Personality?

August 17, 2020 2 min read 0 Comments

Every cutter has a style of cutting that is all their own. But within those styles certain personality characteristics emerge that will influence that best shears to select to match your cutting traits. I’ve chosen to describe these as the Gorilla Cutter, the Lion Cutter and the Eagle Cutter.

The Gorilla Cutter is the innovator in the industry. You will spot them at hair shows cutting fast and furious. They choose their hair designs based on the clients face and body shape and their own mood that day. They never repeat a haircut. They usually do not apply good body positioning when cutting, their partings (if they have them) are wide and often uneven, hair is unswept and their station and tools are messy and disorganized. They cut with freedom and abandon.

The Lion Cutter tends to be fearless and attacks the hair with gusto. They like to experiment with new tools and techniques to increase their speed. They have the most shears, razors and tools in the salon. They are a little more organized and neater than the Gorilla and will develop ways to take the Gorilla’s designs and make them repeatable. The Lion is the peacemaker in the salon and should be positioned between a Gorilla and an Eagle.

The Eagle Cutter
 tends to have fewer shears, but what they have is very expensive and carefully selected. Eagle Cutters have a light touch and with a very graceful movement, holding their body and hand in the healthiest positioning. Shears that are not balanced and don’t perform perfectly for them drive them crazy. They create the classic cuts with perfect precise partings. They are the slowest cutters in the salon and their station is free of clutter and their tools are well cared for. Most cosmetology instructors and celebrity stylists are eagles.

Most cutters will find that they are a combination of these personalities but will fall more in one category than another. Knowing your cutting personality will help you in when you when you have conflicts with your instructors and other stylists in your salon.

This is an original observation I made based on my background as a high school biology teacher. I came up with the three personalities in 2010. There is a full DVD detailing this that can be order on line at http://www.bonika.com/cutting-personalities-dvd/