February 07, 2024 1 min read 0 Comments

Ever wondered how shears effortlessly transform hair with precision? Unlike the brute force of a cleaver, shears employ a delicate pinch-and-slice technique akin to slicing a ripe tomato. Within the realm of hair cutting tools, the edge type plays a pivotal role. From bevel to convex, each edge dictates the shears' cutting prowess, with the honed convex edge reigning supreme for its slicing finesse.

But the magic doesn't stop there. Shears must navigate the intricate terrain of hair thickness and strength, from the protein-rich strands of African heritage to the fine locks of blondes. Despite their simplicity, shears are indispensable workhorses, yielding returns far beyond their initial investment for both groomers and stylists alike.

Yet, maintaining peak performance requires diligence. Proper cleaning, storage, occasional oiling, and meticulous pivot screw adjustment are non-negotiable. Enter the mantra of "TEA" – Tension, Edge, and Alignment – the holy trinity ensuring shears operate flawlessly. Mastering this trifecta empowers sharpeners to diagnose and remedy any cutting conundrum, ensuring shears glide effortlessly through every strand with finesse.