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November 2013 International Beauty Sharpeners Association - Las Vegas

Koshi Yamamura, Managing Director of Yamamura Seisakusho brought his factory technician from the Cosmos Smith Company to give a few select sharpeners hands-on training at an event in Las Vegas. They chose the Scimech Flathone to demonstrate the sharpening. They said the Scimech was closest to that factory equipment with the right speed, torque and smoothness to please the exacting standards of the Japanese shear makers. This is another reason Bonika Shears recommends the Scimech Scissor flathone for shear and scissor sharpening, especially when sharpening Japanese shears and other high quality Asian made shears as well as German scissors. Bonnie Megowan, CEO of Bonika Shears who attended the training session in Las Vegas was excited to learn that the inside hone or ride line was sharpened with the same Shapton stones and same method used in sharpening at the Bonika facility and in training sharpeners. The tips learned in the hands-on training will be helpful in achieving even higher servicing of all makes of shears.