Perfect Sharpening - A Philosophical Approach

August 17, 2020 1 min read 0 Comments

Perfection can not be attained in sharpening. Therefore, every sharpener must strive for a level of perfection that will make them the most money, satisfy their customers and satisfy themselves. This level will be different based on the area, based on your competition and based on your own personal need for perfection. There is no right or wrong level of perfection in sharpening because none of us can reach perfection. Some who sharpen with too high a need for perfection are too slow and lose money. Some who are too sloppy and are too fast lose customers. You must find your own balance on the scale of perfection and speed; constantly striving to increase both without letting either suffer.

Quote by Bonnie Megowan of Bonika Shears in 2002