Shear Sharpener or Shear Salesman? Whom Do You Trust Most?

August 17, 2020 1 min read 0 Comments

Most stylist indicate that they would trust a distributor of shears who also sharpens rather than a sharpener who also sells shears. It seems in their world that a shear distributor who has been trained by the manufacturer would be better equipped to sharpen their shears than those who are not a distributor. Also, stylists tell us that they would rather buy a shear from someone who can service that line of shears, especially if they are an authorized sharpener than to buy a shear that they would have to send off for service or warranty work. 

Sharpeners who have tried introducing themselves as shear distributors who also sharpen get more sharpening business on the first call than those who go into a salon cold as a sharpener only. One sharpener at the Sharpeners Jam a number of years ago shared his positive experience of calling on salons as a shear sharpener. 

It is also important to both the stylist and the shear distributor that there is a selection of shears to choose from when calling on salons. This is why most sharpeners start with the salesman portfolio case full of shears when they begin selling shears. Bonika Shears also suggests several helpful videos that will instruct sharpeners on how to present and sell shears to the salons. There are also some great videos on shear selection we recommend to stylists.