April 23, 2024 2 min read 0 Comments

Are you considering diving into the shear sharpening business? Before you start envisioning a dedicated space or outfitting a van with equipment, consider this: you can operate efficiently right inside bustling hair salons. Bonnie Megowan, a seasoned professional in the industry, shares insights on how to provide this valuable service without the need for a large setup.

  1. Minimal Space, Maximum Impact: Forget about needing a storefront or a spacious van. With shear sharpening, you can operate within the confines of a small area within the salon itself. All it takes is a toolbox and a small corner, whether it's an unused station or a tucked-away desk.
  2. Convenience is Key: Imagine the relief of hairstylists when they can have their shears sharpened right then and there, without the hassle of sending them away or waiting for days. This on-site service ensures uninterrupted workflow for the stylists and instant gratification for their sharpening needs.
  3. Win-Win Situation: Megowan emphasizes the mutually beneficial nature of on-site shear sharpening. Not only do you provide a valuable service, but you also have the opportunity to showcase and even sell new shears to hairstylists who are impressed by your work.
  4. Simplicity and Efficiency: Renowned stylists like Derek J understand the importance of efficiency in shear sharpening. They appreciate the simplicity of having their shears sharpened within the salon environment, just like any other hairstylist.
  5. Getting Started: Megowan reassures aspiring shear sharpeners that starting this business doesn't require a fancy setup. With creativity and resourcefulness, you can establish a successful business right where the action is, within the salon.

In conclusion, shear sharpening offers a lucrative opportunity with minimal overhead costs and maximum convenience for both the sharpener and the hairstylists. So, if you're considering venturing into this field, remember that the salon itself could be your prime location for success.