Educators Bios

Jam Educators as of April 16, 2020. 

Dennis Brooks Dennis is the owner of Sharp Edges Sharpening Service and Hamaguri USA Convex Shear Sharpening System in Illinois. He is a second generation sharpener since 1995 and has numerous certifications in both shear and blade sharpening.

Josh Davis is the co-owner of Clipper Pros in Buford, GA with his wife of 23 years, Lindsey.  He retired from the U.S. Army as a First Sergeants after 21 years of service and decided that small business ownership was for him. Josh sharpens clipper and trimmer blades and repairs clippers while his wife sharpens all the shears that come into the shop.  He spends a lot of time studying clipper blades and different sharpening techniques in order to provide his customers with the best possible sharpening and his students with the best possible education.

Lois Raposo is the official service provider in Spain for 6 major shear brands. He is the author of weekly post for hairdressers and is a member of the International Scissors Sharpeners Association. He provided the Spanish translation for “DIY Shear Care and Repair for Stylist Shears” which sells on Amazon.

Jeff Andrews - Jeff began his career as a groomer who sharpened his own equipment and now operates a high volume sharpening business in Mobile, AL. He writes an on-going blog that is popular among sharpeners and groomers. 

Judy Brenner - Judy Brenner, author and marketing speaker, runs Sharpeners Report, a newsletter (digital and mailed), serving the industry since 1981. offers SharpFest videos, How-To books on niche sharpening sectors, and a free news blog on its web site, as well as monthly free Ebulletins.

Jim O'Donnell - Jim is the publisher and editor of the popular On The Edge Newsletter read worldwide by sharpeners of shears and clipper blades. Jim has been a sharpening trainer for decades and has a popular on-line blog and Youtube. 

Jack Stein - Jack of SUPERIOR EDGE is a brand and marketing strategist from the Chicago area with 23 years sharpening experience.  With 2 online turnkey businesses besides sharpening, his love for people, sharpening, and the ramping up of a business has motivated him to use his years of experience to develop a professional presentation and business model that he is willing to share with all of our sharpeners.  It consists of the A to Z of branding and marketing along with the development of strategies and use of social media to help an expert sharpener create loyalty and interaction from his customers to increase his business.

Bonnie Megowan - Bonnie is the founder and owner of Bonika Shears, as well as, an award winning shear sharpener. She is the only woman to achieve the highest score in the National Beauty Tool Sharpeners Guild Master Certification. Bonnie is the inventor of the Coil Comb for creating twists and dreads and a contributor to various publications and text books. She can be seen in numerous educational videos for stylists and sharpeners and is a sought-after guest speaker at cosmetology schools, sharpening conventions, webinars and hair shows throughout the United States and abroad.

Gene Megowan - Gene Megowan is the national sales manager for Bonika Shears. Gene had many years in sales with a fortune 500 company as a territory rep. As Bonika Shears grew into a family business, Gene took on the marketing. His Masters Degree dissertation with Phoenix University was in the market feasibility of the first Bonika Shear. He has developed a non-pressure sales method for presenting Bonika Shears to the stylists that has increased sales, but even more so has resulted in high repeat and referral sales. Gene teaches marketing techniques to sharpeners and shear distributor and has innovated techniques that have been copied by others in the industry. 

Jason Sturm - In the past 10 years, Jason has also came to be a recognized authority on clipper blade sharpening and repair and has served on several boards and sharpening guilds.  His staff of thirteen has trained hundreds of sharpeners, repairman and women either through our in shop training or in sharpening shows.  

Brandon Smart - is an expert in clipper blade sharpening and all things sharp. He works at EdgePro with Jason Sturm and is one of the top authorities on clippers.

Jim Turner - Jim is a third generation sharpener from Gaffney SC. He has been a attended nearly every Sharpeners Jam and has been a frequent and popular contributor as an educator and innovator with his "Git'R Done" attitude toward sharpening.