Screwing Around with Josh Freund - Pivot Screw Know-how

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  • How to seat a washer in a Fromm shear
  • Fromm and Jaguar shears pivot screw instruction
  • Paul Mitchell student shear external clicker plate
  • Rusk type screw adjustment on a special Josh Jig
  • Fromm and Jaguar shear fixing a washer
  • Screwing around with Josh Shear Sharpening DVD
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This is an essential DVD for any professional shear sharpener. "Screwing Around with Josh" is a presentation by Josh Freund at the Sharpeners Jam in Atlanta, GA. Josh is the warranty service person fro Fromm shears in the United States. His expertise comes from 10 years of servicing Fromm and Jaguar plus other shears. You will learn about the pitfalls of various types of Fromm and Jaguar shears with will save you lots of headaches. In addition you will learn how to deal with the Hikari split screw, Rusk double screw, internal clicker plates, external clicker plates, stacker scres, capt-top screws, and Yasaka screw-in handles. Plus you will learn the special inexpensive tools Josh uses in dealing with washers. See how to correctly adjust the tension. This DVD is envaluable with closeup shots that will help you understand how to field most many problem shear that you come across. I personally recommend this DVD as one of the top choices for all sharpeners. 


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