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Mail Order Shears Sharpening with Pre-Paid Mailing Label

Mail-Order Shears and Scissors Sharpening.   scissor and shear sharpening near me

We are honored that you would consider trusting Bonika Shears with your precious shears. We take that trust seriously and treat your shears with the kindness and respect they deserve.

  When you order this, we will email you a pre-paid PRIORITY MAIL label. It will arrive in your inbox usually by the next business day or sooner. Check your spam box!

Sharpening including two way Priority Mail shipping. 

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     What we sharpen

    We sharpen any type of shear… beauty scissors, barber scissors, groomer scissors, sewing scissors, surgical scissors, and industrial shears. We sharpen any brand of shears including Bonika, Kasho, Kashi, Hikari, Yasaka, Fromm, Geib, Jaguar, Eickert, Kenchii, Centrix, Joewell, Washi, Ookomi, Mitsuzaki, Cricket, Kamisori, Nina, SharkFin and others. 

    In addition to shears and scissors, we sharpen clipper blades for Wahl, Andis and Oster. We also sharpen kitchen knives, leather splitter blades and a variety of other tools, just ask.

    How do we sharpen?

    We sharpen quickly, usually a 24 hour turn-around unless we are at a hair show. (call first if you are in a rush). Walk-in sharpening is often done while you wait.  

    Sharpening is performed on a water cooled Flathone system the Scimech Flathone with the inside ride on high end beauty shears sharpened by hand on Japanese waterstones. Clipper blade sharpening is on the Nebraska Blade Hone. 

    Sharpening technicians are Bonnie Megowan or Jay Hunter. You may specify a technician if you like.  Both technicians  are certified sharpeners registered with the National Beauty Tools Sharpeners Guild (NBTSG). We are members of the International Scissor Sharpeners Association (ISSA) which holds us to the highest ethical standards. We have been involved with sharpening training and our staff has a collective over 60 years experience in sharpening.

    Sharpening for other scissor companies and distributors

    If you have a scissor or shear company in need of warranty service for your shears, we can accommodate you. We also sharpen for other sharpeners and shear distributors. We can set up your beauty supply as a drop off location for sharpening.   We also can give discounts on unusually sharpening large orders. Call for details.

     Large nicks as in the photo or major repairs may cost extra.

    See the 15 Steps in Sharpening we use at Bonika Shears


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