Bonika Shears


Jeweled Screw Replacement Sets

Fancy Scissor Screws! Three sets of jeweled screws. Each set includes the post, washer, internal clicker plate and a jeweled nut. Each set includes 3 colors of nuts and every set is a different assortment. Each set will include at least one unisex color and one with a set circled by rhinestones. 

These are the size sets that would fit the Bonika Rose Shears, Chameleon Shears, International Shears, ATS, and many other shears both Bonika and other brands. These sets will help you in sales as well as replacement parts when sharpening. These are the most common sizes of adjustable jeweled screws.

The screws are already packaged with 3 to a bag. Do not ask for all of one color, however you can request in the comments "Be sure there is a purple screw" or "Be sure there is a clear crystal screw" etc. Further requests will require a pay raise for Mystie. 

Does not include scissors in the photo.