Bonika Shears

Fire and Ice 7.5" Shear Set of 4

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Special Limited Edition Fire and Ice Shear Sets extended to our Valentine collection. Choose between Fire (red) and Ice (blue) for these special purchase shears. Includes:

7.5" Straight Shear

7.5" Curved Shear

7.5" 56 tooth Thinner

7.5" 35 tooth Texturizer

  • True convex edge
  • Countersunk locking tension pivot screw 
  • Screw-in Bumper
  • Double Finger Rest
  • High carbon 440C stainless steel Sino finish, tappan forged
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Comes with deluxe zipper case that holds 4 shears plus accessories