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Branding Your Sharpening Business DVD

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Video on branding your sharpening business.

This information is recommended for all sharpeners, especially those just starting or contemplating the sharpening business. It covers all aspects of branding including deciding on a name and logo, pricing your services, presenting yourself, trademarking and so much more. Taught by Jeremiah Sammons from Houston, Texas. Jeremiah comes with credentials that make him uniquely capable of advising. He travels the world working with Fortune 500 hotels in consulting on opening the in hotel day spas. He is the manager of two day spas in Houston, is a cosmetology instructor, massage therapist and esthetician instructor, has written text books for teachers, and has started, owned and operated several businesses. Jeremiah has a master in business and well as education and is currently studying on a doctorate. One area that seems to fascinate him is shear sharpening. He has taken shear sharpening training and likes to attend sharpening conventions throughout the country. We at Bonika Shears find him fascinating and informative, so much so we now include this DVD with purchases of the new Scimech HD machine.

If you buy a Scimech later, the price will be refunded.