Nikita Smith-Mattison - IL


Nikita Smith is a 25 year veteran in the beauty biz and one of the industry’s premier educators. Known best for her “mesmerizing” speaking skills and her in-depth knowledge and technical skills in the areas of cutting and coloring.” Niki” is also a certified make-up artist and  hair addition specialist.

Her work includes television, commercials, infomercials, and CD covers. Her extensive educational experience expands throughout the industry with mega giants such as Soft Sheen, Wella-Sebastian, Request, Namistee, Shake and Go, Shiva Laboratories and  Essations Multi-textural Collection. She has been published in many major publications such Black Hair Sophisticates, Black Elegance, and Passion just to name a few. “Niki” is the proud owner of Beauty Solutions Salon and Solutions 2 Educational Resource Center of Chicago.  Commonly referred to as the “HAIR CONCIERGE” she has graced the industry with her enthusiastic and animated style of motivating her audiences to push beyond their limitations and become masters at their craft. Her educational training has been sought after throughout the United States, and the Caribbean. She has been recognized as one of the industry’s most prolific motivators and educators with one simple philosophy “ the more you know the more you grow”.