FAQ about the Scimech HD for Shear Sharpening

These are frequently asked questions about the Scimech HD for Sharpening Beauty Shears


Why is the Scimech HD the recommended sharpening system for sharpening Bonika Shears? 


The Scimech was specifically designed to sharpen the Bonika Shears and as a consequence is the best system we have found to sharpen all beauty shears. The following video will help in answering this question. However, if you need your shears sharpened and there is not a Scimech Sharpener in your area, most trained sharpeners using other flathone systems will be able to create a good edge and your warranty will not be voided. You want to ask your sharpener what machine they use and avoid home-made machines. The Hammurgari and the Hira-to are two flat-hone type systems that will also sharpen the Bonika Shears correctly.


Where is the Scimech HD Flathone made?

The Scimech HD flathone for sharpening shears and scissors is 100% made in the USA. The manufacture and assembly is in the southeast of the United States.

What motor does the Scimech use?

The Scimech uses a 1/8 HP USA made motor which is twice the size of many of it's competitors. 

Can the Scimech HD be used as a mobile in-salon sharpener?



Yes. The Scimech HD was designed to set up in a station in the salon utilizing a very small space.  Note the photo of a typical place for working on top of the washing machine in the back room of a very small salon. 

Is the Scimech truly representative of Japanese Shear Sharpening?

In the Asian factories various types of equipment are used to manufacture shears. The final edgework is usually performed on a series of specially made fine grit belt sanders or flathone type systems like the Scimech. Although factory workers typically "freehand" sharpen, the Scimech HD utilizes a clamp in order to properly address all the different angles a sharpener might encounter in the course of their day. 

Take a look at this Japanese factory sharpener using the Scimech Fltahone to demonstrate how they sharpen shears in the factory. Japanese sharpening link


What other items can be sharpened on the Scimech HD Flathone?

The Scimech is made specifically for sharpening the high-end convex edge beauty shears but it is equally capable of sharpening bevel and sword edge shears, barber and groomer. In addition it can sharpen all types of shears including sewing, surgical scissors, curved scissors, pinking shears, and any type of scissors or shears. 

The Scimech is very adept at sharpening knives, too! Watch this short clip from a sharpening convention where Jason Sturm demonstrates knife sharpening on the Scimech and compares the edge to much more expensive equipment designed specifically for sharpening knives. 

There is at least one knife manufacturing company who uses the Scimech in their knife manufacturing process.


Can left handed shears be sharpened on the Scimech HD?

Yes, it is very easy to sharpen left handed shears on the Scimech. Slide the spatter guard off and put it back on the opposite side, insert the shear into the clamp from the right side instead of the left side and reverse the direction to counter clockwise when sharpening. See the video below. 

Can the ScimechHD be used to sharpen clipper and trimmer blades?

We do not recommend the Scimech for sharpening clipper blades. The reason why is the plate of clipper blade machines like the Nebraska Blade Hone have a light cones shape to create a concave hollow in the blades. The amount is subtle but a totally flat surface like the Scimech will change the dynamics and design of the blades.

However, some sharpeners have successfully sharpened small trimmer blades on a coarser grit abrasives with some success, but this would not be normally recommended.


 Some of the Groomer Shears are very long. Can I sharpen longer shears on the Scimech HD?

Yes, because of the curve of the blade of shears and scissors only a section of the blade touches the plate making it easy to sharpen any length shear. 

This video shows a Bonnie Megowan sharpening a very long shear on the older model of the Scimech. The newer Scimech HD is actually easier to use for longer and larger shears than the older model of Scimech as seen in this video. Very long shears such as the 14 inch scissors that were sharpened in this video may have to be free-hand sharpened unless they are taken apart.