Escape Room Hints


Maze. Start at the top left entrance, end at the star. Collect the letters as you follow the maze. The answer must be in all capital letters

Find the key: It is the word key. This may be hard if you are color blind. If so just click and check each color to get the right answer.

Find the Money: Notice you go into another room. An extra hint is it is cold but not an igloo. Spell out the whole word in all caps. Spelling counts.

Code: This is one you just have to work through. The first number of the code is 0.

Which Shear:

I grin but I only have 10 teeth. Rose 10

This shear has a royal ball bearing. Royal Thinner

This lefty really rocks. Rocker Lefty

You might itch if you handle this shear. Poison ivy