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Bonika Hair Gripper

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Hold the hair without slipping and without clips. These hair grips will not damage hair. PACKAGE OF 2 

These hair grippers were invented by a friend of ours several years ago and are now available in a smaller size with our Bonika name on them. The directions read:

  • no clipping is necessary (translation use these instead of hair clips. Works extremely well on short hair such as men or hair that is hard to clip because of slipping)
  • easy on easy off (pull in the direction that the hair grows and there is no pulling)
  • won't break hair
  • reusable time after time (impossible to break)

What they are is a wide piece of velcro that grabs the hair. The directions on the package says use only on dry hair. However, I've used them on wet hair with great results. The cleaning directions are clean with soap and water, immerse in your favorite disinfectant solution for no more than 10 minutes. I throw these in the washer and dryer with my towels. Yes, they stick to everything and the pretty writing may fade, but it works and they come out clean. I love these grips and have been using them instead of clips for years everyday to lift my bangs off my fact to do my makeup, to section my own hair when drying and ironing. I also use them as a tool to trim my own bangs.