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Mystic Classic VG10 Shears ** Limited Quantity **

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Simply the best all purpose professional stylist shear, the Mystic Classic Cobalt Shear. 5.75" length made of the highest quality Japanese VG10 Cobalt steel. Traditional look, superb feel and cut. This shear cuts like a dream.  It is light weight, only 1.7 oz with an incredibly sharp smooth convex edge. Includes comfort finger rings. This would be a shear for the high-end stylist salon who loves to slide cut, point cut and slither. 





  • True convex edge
  • Traditional style screw with a double split to hold the adjustment. 
  • Attractive red Screw-in Bumper with matching red jewel finger rest. 
  • Japanese VG10 Cobalt Steel, ROC finish. 
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Special feature - Includes a FREE beautiful plush 6 pocket shear case

We suggest you also purchase the Mystic Classic Thinning Shearsto have a matching set. 

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