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Top Selling Most Popular Bonika Shears

Based on sales in 2020 these models of Bonika Shears were the top dozen shears. The links are to the individual best selling shear in that group. In general the 5.5” and 6” are selling equally well. We saw a large increase of shears longer than 7” this year over 2019.

  1. Jazzy  Shears
  2. Rose Shears
  3. Raven Shears
  4. Poison Ivy Green Shears
  5. Twister  Swivel Thumb Shears
  6. Auddy Scissors
  7. Tribal Shears
  8. Rocker Rotating Thumb Shears
  9. Chameleon Shears
  10. Big Red Groomer Barber Shears
  11. Firefly Shears
  12. Fishbone Razor Shears

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