Cutting Your Way to a Higher Income

“Being the best hair stylist is the last part of being the best hair stylist,” Derek J of Derek J Hair told an audience of hair stylists this week-end at the International Hair Show in New Orleans.

It's the whole experience!

What else can you learn from this?

Number one: Styling hair is not about fixing a bad haircut. If you can’t cut hair, you can’t get to the higher income level. You can’t do a proper haircut without knowing and understanding the basics and having the right tools.

Number two: You must brand yourself and charge for the total experience, not just the hair style. Show you work on social media.

Number three: Know how to charge what you are worth. Derek said to decide what you want to make per hour, calculate how long it takes you to do a service and charge accordingly.

Number four: Market yourself. Decide who you want as a client. If you want strippers, go to strip clubs (or send someone there with your cards.) If you want high end clientele, go to the BMW dealerships and Mercedes dealerships and find a salesgirl that will market for you. Tell them you will do their hair for free when they give our referrals and find you new customers.

Number five: Have your clients pay for your tools and education. Calculate your expenses for these things and add them into a rate increase.

How can you ease your customers into a rate increase? A suggestion from another Atlanta stylist is to raise your prices for services annually. Tell your current customers that their rate increase won’t take effect until 6 months from now, but any new customer they bring you will be paying the higher rate. They are delighted to bring you new customers if they know these people will be paying more than they do.

A good time to make a rate increase is right after a hair show or an advanced education class. Hang the certificate on the wall (if they provide one) and talk to your clientele about your investments into improving your craft. Show them your new shears and other tools. They will understand and accept that with your career growth their cost for better cuts and styles will grow as well.

Let us know how these tips work for you. We want to follow the progression of your career. 

2nd Apr 2019 Bonnie Megowan

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