Advanced Sharpening Library 7 Video Links

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This is the advanced sharpening set of links

  1. Tea Time with Casper - Learn about the dependence of tension, edge and alignment from the most popular of sharpening experts Casper Kiser
  2. Screwing around with Josh - Josh Freund, warranty service for Fromm and jaguar explains how to deal with all types of problem pivot screws
  3. Tag Team Sales and Sharpening - Bonnie and Gene Megowan demonstrate how to sell and sharpen simultaneously. See a complete sharpening and sales demo.
  4. Zombie Sharpening - Acclaimed Sharp Edges sharpener, Dennis Brooks covers tips for sharpening all brands of shears
  5. Advances Scissor Sharpening with Casper Kiser 
  6. Incredible Edge with Jim ODonnell
  7. Sharpen Faster and Easier with Bonnie Megowan

Get this entire set to keep yourself up to date on advances in sharpening. these are the recommended DVD's for all sharpeners. 

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